Angela Caravan

writer + poet

photo of microchapbook titled Landing


Landing - microchapbook (2018, post ghost press)


Can you imagine? Mythos and Reclamation in Angela Caravan and Amy LeBlanc by Conyer Clayton, Canthius

Three micro reviews: post ghost press micro chaps by Chelene Knight

Crash's Zine Review by Crash Reynolds

anthology & journal publications

"Mounton Cadet" in CV2

"The Ghost of My Sister's Sweatshirt" in Moonlove

"13" in Blood Orange

"Reception" in Mineral Lit

"Johnny's girl" in Shut Down Strangers and Hot Rod Angels (2019, Bone and Ink Press)

"for winter" in Memoir Mixtapes - 2019 Best of the Net Nominee

"My Lemon," "Brown carpet," and "A brief comparison of parts" in Cascadia Rising Review

"Brake pedal" in Sad Girl Review

"Edit in 2 parts" in Sad Mag

"My Desk" in Pulp Literature - 3rd place, 2018 Magpie Poetry Contest


"On the Other Side" in The Sprawl Mag

"Membrane," "Queen's Cup," and "Sprinkler" in Coven Edition's deathcap

"Rewiring" in Shrapnel Magazine

"Pest Control" in Broken Pencil

also on Stories Less Spoken podcast, Episode Five: Empty Space

"Because I Could Not Stop for Death" in Coffin Bell

"The Seperation" in Wax Seal Literary Magazine

"Desk Lunch" in Longleaf Review


"Do androids dream of smashing the patriarchy? 'Blade Runner 2049' is a lesson in feminism" in Screen Queens

"Hearts in their Eyes: Fear of Feminism in ‘Riverdale’" in Reel Honey


Friday Live reading with Pulp Literature (Jul 10, 2020)

"13 Questions with Angela Caravan" in Coffin Bell

"My Writing Day" on My Small Press Writing Day (blog)

Interview on Wax Poetic, Coop Radio (Mar 20, 2019)


Angela writes poetry and fiction. She lives with her partner and stepson in unceded Coast Salish territory / Vancouver, BC, and works in non-profit. She is the editor and founder of the Decameron Writing Series ( and Publisher at Bell Press (